Our Company

A Closer Look at A New Universe Inc.

Health Conscious

Ensuring Healthy products that are safe and reliable

Environmental Care

Never harming or robbing the environment.

Global Sourcing

Obtaining only the best specialized products in the world.

Customer Care

Keeping customers happy and in touch with best in class solutions.

Our Focus & Key Drivers

It all started with a vision and a desire to find and create products with you our customer in mind.

  • Health and Welfare Product Assurance 100% 100%
  • Environmental Safety and Sustainability 100% 100%
  • New Product introductions 100% 100%
  • Customer Satisfaction 100% 100%
Sohayla Zeree

Sohayla Zeree

CO Founder, COO

Business visionary leading the organization with strategic focus and clear leadership

Sasha Sabella

Sasha Sabella

Executive VIce President

Organization leader whose primary focus is compliance and brand strength

Autumn Wells

Autumn Wells

Vice President Research and Development

Directing efforts of research, testing, sourcing and quality as well as sustainablity.