Speciality Products From Around The World

Specialty Salts

Specialty bath salts that cleans, refresh and repair

Argan Oil

Fresh organic Argan oil direct from Morocco

Body Clay

Clay that cleanses, nourishes and provides a great feeling

Organic Skin Care

Oils that are made with the finest ingredients for a variety of uses

Products For a True Spa at Home Experience

Enjoy a unique, fresh and totally relaxing spa adventure in the comfort of your own home

A New Universe in Your Bath

We offer unique items that can create and enhance your spa at home experience from pre bath to after bath transporting you to A New Universe of body care

Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

Freshly made, pure organic and soothing

Pure Specialty Salts

Experience incredible journeys with our fine salt products — Salt’s found and refined on land and from the sea, our slats provide several levels of comfort depending on your needs

Organic Skin Solutions

Our skin care product lines has something for evey  need crom moisturizers to different types of clay, there  is something for all your needs.